(Re(re(re)))constructing the Self: New Media, Professionalism, and the Online Persona

Edit: wow, that title absolutely reeks of Academia. And after all my attempts to shrug peel scrape it off me, too.

Lately I’m wrestling with a new problem: how to navigate and negotiate a public, professional self. Since deciding to get serious about my career transition, I have taken steps to create an online, published presence, but without being wholly conscious of it, I have been struggling to define and limit who my online self will be. This is being made much, much harder by the ways that new technologies are trying to make it “easier.” Google (fuck you, Google), for example, keeps trying to connect ALL MY THINGS. As if I want my email address and all the associated random accounts I have created over the past 12 years to be part of my present public persona! I mean, seriously, way to put your own homogeneous, advertising-based needs above my personal needs, Google. The headache process of extricating and forwarding and new-account-making and disassociating is ongoing.

While every professional person, to some extent, probably has to go through this at some point, Continue reading