Hi there. I’m Alli :)  I’m a former adjunct college professor (of writing and rhetoric), a current stay-at-home wife and amateur new-career transitioner.

Some things I will be discussing here: activism, progressivism, education, feminism, religion, politics, music, writing, language, and the news. I also might veer into some fiction writing and news reporting.

**Something that I think I ought to be clear about, since I have noticed that there are a lot of religous/ god-believing people on WordPress** I blog about religion a lot, because, on a grand scale, Judeo-Christian beliefs and values have shaped our world for centuries, and personally, they shaped me for at least 25 years. But while I do love and respect people who believe in an interventionist god, people who find strength in religion, and while some of those people are in fact my mother and sisters and closest friends, I DO NOT believe in any sort of god(s), and I find that the existence of religions do more harm than good. I am a Secular Humanist through and through, and if I were to proselytize, it would be to convince as many people as possible to drop the veil of religion and simply learn to love and accept and live in the reality that we know and can feel, right here, right now.

(This is not to say that all Believers should not read my blog, or think that I am actively trying to change them. I was a believer (a very devout one) for many years, and I think that spiritual development is a very personal thing, which endures very little external intervention. I am merely making this statement lest someone mistake and misappropriate my written words as some kind of endorsement for religion.)