Too Much Information

Sometimes I think I am just not equipped to deal with modern life. Social media and the Internet completely overwhelm me. Too many thoughts and ideas, too many possibilities, become too many obligations, too many failures.

Can’t we go back to 1993? I mean, sure, I’ll definitely keep the social progress we’ve made since then, but I can totally do without ubiquitous smart phones and Internet and texting and Twitter and 24-hour news updates. And it’s not just that I don’t want these things for me, it’s that their presence has fundamentally changed the way the world works; even if I were to choose not to participate, I would suffer from my lack of connection. There is no going back.

Is it just me? Sometimes I feel I am dying a slow, slow death by drowning. Drowning in too much information (hey, like the Duran Duran song! Maybe we need to go back further than 1993…).


2 thoughts on “Too Much Information

  1. I dream of going to a restaurant and not seeing someone with their cell phone out. They’ve become the norm at even the pricier ones where you would think people would be more intent on enjoying (totally becoming immersed in) the people they are with and the meal they are about to spend a lot of money on. sigh :)

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