I have just returned from a much-needed vacation. No spectacular destination, but it had been 3 and a half years since I last visited with my parents, sisters and their families, and my extended family. It was sooo nice, so relaxing and peaceful.

I am back now, and facing that dilemma posed by all vacations: how to get back into the routine? For me this is problematized further, since I do not exactly want to return to the old; I need to set up a new and improved routine.  Urgghh.  I have made a list. I’m thinking there are too many things needing to go into each day, but that’s probably just the Lazy talking.

To new routines, new habits, and progress, here we go!


2 thoughts on “Return

    • Thanks! It usually does, to some extent at least :D My newest plan hinges on getting things done as early as possible…not sure it will take (I have gotten into a habit of easing into my responsibilities slowly) but I really hope it does.

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